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Noto, August 28th 2018


BRIDGE ART//CONTEMPORARY VISIONS, a project patronised by the Municipality of Noto and in partnership with Gestalt Institute H.C.C. Italy and with Eastern Mediterranean University Consortium C.U.M.O., issues a single call with the aim of assigning the 2019 artistic full(Y)_grounding residency, which will take place in Noto - Siracusa, at Tenuta La Favola.

The residency will take place during the following periods:


- full(Y)_grounding 14th January - 10th February 2019


Artists and curators are invited to send a contemporary art project in consonance with the topic: Il vuoto fertile /

the fertile void


Open Call: 28th August 2018 - Deadline for submitting applications: 15th October 2018 - Finalist proclamation: November 12th -

Winners designation: November 30th - Winners proclamation: the first week of December 2018 at Rome in an institutional location.




Bridge Art residencies take place in Noto, UNESCO World-Heritage site, at Tenuta La Favola, a zero environmental impact wine-producing holding, which for years has been on the cutting edge of organic production techniques. Residencies are part of a wider art project aiming to create a hotbed and laboratory of artistic experimentation on the most recent researches of the contemporary, in a site concerned with environmental issues and sustainability in order to create, not just metaphorically, a multicultural platform which turns into a bridge between foreign and Italian realities. The selected artists will be able to meet, explore, contaminate, find one another and become a community, absorbing the influences of the place and fostering a creative path. This path opens and is opened to new considerations, proposals and influences, to exchange and integration, to the continuous and profitable renewal of ideas that can be at the same time an opportunity for growth and human, artistic and economic development.




BRIDGE ART residencies aim to:


1.       promote and incentivize national and international exchanges for artists and curators;

2.       facilitate the contacts of residential artists with the territorial realities (schools, institutes, universities, associations, authorities, etc.) in order to activate cultural contaminations and new opportunities and, at the same time, to open the host communities to the shared knowledge and fruition of contemporary art;

3.       offer a place for work, research and observation;

4.       put into contact artists and curators from different cultural origins, with the aim of increasing the occasions of dialogue and experience exchanges;




Residences will take place at Casetta degli Artisti, inside one of the experimental organic fields of Tenuta La Favola, in the southernmost part of Sicily. The Casetta is an ancient rock millstone house (a place for processing the grapes in order to turn them into must), entirely recovered by maintaining the original structure made of stone walls, wooden roofs, Sicilian terracotta floor and walls painted with natural pigments. The structure of about 50 sq. m. consists of a room with a living corner equipped with two single beds and a double bed, a separated kitchen and a toilet. Some work places have been set outside. 




The fertile void


Full and vacuum have been traditionally associated by the Western culture with the concepts of being and not being. Only recently the quantic physics has conceived vacuum as a dynamic balance between matter particles and antimatter, constantly creating and annihilating.

A circularity well known by the Oriental wisdom, which conceives it as the place where and from which everything generates. A prolific place of confusion. “There is only one way through which we can get in touch with the deepest layers of our existence, rejuvenate our thinking and reach the intuition (the harmony of thought and being): “The interior silence” (Perls)*.

“Fertile Void” is not intended therefore as emptiness itself, or sheer nothingness, but rather as a necessary prelude to our evolution and to the realization of every creative and responsible act. This is a concept that invites - after having experienced the chaos which increasingly besets us - to listen, making way for an essential and true dimension. The one that stands outside of the rowdy babel of certain irresponsible media and politicians, amplified by the social media, the quarrelsome spirit of those who think they are right since they shout louder than the others; a superficial and regressive culture, which fosters and legitimates hate and violence, racism and xenophobia.

The “fertile void” catches the sense of the process where everything transforms: a composition where the individual can experience himself as an evolving tessera of a biological natural mosaic. Far from representing the place of passiveness or isolation, we imagine it as an effective dialogue among the parties, where the language of body and that of discourse convert into life choices and new actions.


*Fritz Perls, Ego, Hunger and Aggression: the Beginning of Gestalt Therapy (1947).




Admission criteria


There are not age, nationality, ethnical or religious restrictions.                                                                           The fully_grounding residency 2019  is intended to accommodate 2 artists of different nationalities. The applicants admitted to the residencies will be selected according to the following criteria:

a)      Artistic career

b)      Valorisation of the multicultural presence in the project

c)       Quality of the project proposal

d)      Coherence of the project with the topic and the principles of the residence

e)      Ability to relate with the local contexts.




The selection will take into account only those participants who have taken part in the open call.

For the evaluation the quality and originality of the project will be especially took into consideration. The project has to be submitted by a) curators who will indicate the participant artists; b) self-application of artists working both individually or in team, who will indicate the possible curator.

A panel of judges will assess the selected projects. This panel, chaired by Salvatore Cavallo, President of the C.U.M.O., Noto and by Bridge Art Directorate (Valeria Valenza, Director and Lori Adragna , Artistic director), is renewed annually and will be made up by some members of the Bridge Art Scientific Committee and other experts in the various fields of arts and culture.

Bridge Art reserves the opportunity to invite guest, artists and curators to take part into meetings, talks, debates and lectures. If necessary - for foreign guests - Bridge Art can write an invitation letter to support the selected residents for obtaining specific funds. 



Honorary President

  • Salvatore Cavallo - Physicist, President of the Eastern Mediterranean University Consortium  C.U.M.O. (Noto - Sr)

Presidents and organisational board

  • Valeria Valenza - Bridge Art Director, writer and Germanist specialized in didactics of civilisation (Noto / New York)
  • Lori Adragna - Bridge Art Artistic director, Art critic and curator of contemporary art, essayist (Palermo / Rome)

Panel of judges 2019

  • Antonio Arévalo - Poet, critic and curator of contemporary art,  has been cultural affairs of the Embassy of Chile in Italy (Rome)
  • Angela Basile - Psychologist, teacher of the Institute of Gestalt - H.C.C.- Italy (Syracuse/Palermo)
  • Filadelfio Brogna - Agronomist and Vendicari Nature Reserve Director (Syracuse)
  • Leonardo Caffo - Philosopher, writer, professor at the Polytechnic of Turin and at the Naba Milan, founder of Waiting Posthuman Studio (Milan)
  • Lorenzo Canova - Art historian and critic, associate professor of Contemporary Art History, Director ARATRO (Rome)
  • Martina Cavallarin - Independent Critic and Curator of Contemporary Art (Milan/Venice)
  • Pietro Fortuna - Artist (Rome)
  • Maria Giovanna Musso - Professor of Sociology of Change, Creativity and Art, Sapienza, University of Rome
  • Helia Hamedani - Art historian, critic and curator of contemporary art (Tehran/Rome)
  • María Rosa Jijón - Artist, cultural Responsible of the IILA, Italian-Latin American Institute (Rome)
  • Santa Nastro - Art critic and journalist, Artribune's management staff (Rome)
  • Isabella Pers - Artist, co-founder and creator of RAVE East Village Artist Residency (Udine) 




The participation to the selection process is free. Each applicant has to present the following documents:

1.   Application form duly filled and signed

2.   Photocopy of a valid identity document

3.   A pdf file of around 1800 characters filled out as follows:

A) Text describing the project which the artist intends to realize during the residency period

                B) A short description of the work that the candidate intends to leave at Tenuta la Favola and   

                that will become part of the museum park as Bridge Art Heritage          

                C) Images of the artistic work (2/4 images, 2MB at most)

                  D) CV and possibly links to a website (1 page at most)


Applications related to residencies have to be submitted not later than the terms established in the call. The material mentioned above has to be send by email to the address  specifying the residence in the object.






Casetta degli Artisti will be at disposal to the residency from 14th January - 10th February 2019



The residency will lead the artists through expeditions into the vast environmental, cultural, historical and archaeological patrimony of the area of Siracusa and Ragusa, accompanied by researches on field and shared observations. Meetings and confrontation paths between artists and experts of various sectors (archaeologists, curators, journalists, writers, historians, biodiversity experts, local artists, etc.) will be fostered.


Guests from the residency full(Y) grounding are granted with:


-    Accommodation at Casetta degli Artisti

-    Use of car

-    500.00 per month contribution to cover travel, food, materials and gasoline expenses. In particular cases and after prior notification and acceptance by the Directorate, extra expenses for travels abroad and the production of works will be also refunded

-    Outdoor spaces for creative experiences integrated with the natural environment

-    Wide spreading of the results of the residencies through both printed material and the Internet (web site, social networks and periodicals of the sector).

-    Meetings with local realities with the aim of activating new opportunities

-    Exhibition/presentation event at the end of the residency


In exchange for this support, the guests of the residency commit to:


-    Respecting the rules of the residency and the contractual rules;

-    Having a respectful behaviour towards the hosting structure, the environment and the civil cohabitation principles;

-    Donating one of the works produced in the Tenuta during the residency period;

-    Interacting with local communities through workshops, meetings, conferences and other activities established according to the project and agreed with the Directorate.


Each artist will be required to:

    Pay a € 200,00 security deposit which will be refunded at the end of the residency, in case no damage is reported;

    Provide a disclaimer reporting the amount received as expense account;

    Provide a consent form for Bridge Art to release pictures and/or texts produced by the artists during their residency.


NB The winning of the residence involves the automatic registration of the artist to the association as an ordinary member





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