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the fertile void

 by Lori Adragna e Valeria Valenza



Full and vacuum have been traditionally associated by the Western culture with the concepts of being and not being. Only recently the quantic physics has conceived vacuum as a dynamic balance between matter particles and antimatter, constantly creating and annihilating.


A circularity well known by the Oriental wisdom, which conceives it as the place where and from which everything generates. A prolific place of confusion. “There is only one way through which we can get in touch with the deepest layers of our existence, rejuvenate our thinking and reach the intuition (the harmony of thought and being): “The interior silence” (Perls)*.

“Fertile Void” is not intended therefore as emptiness itself, or sheer nothingness, but rather as a necessary prelude to our evolution and to the realization of every creative and responsible act. This is a concept that invites - after having experienced the chaos which increasingly besets us - to listen, making way for an essential and true dimension. The one that stands outside of the rowdy babel of certain irresponsible media and politicians, amplified by the social media, the quarrelsome spirit of those who think they are right since they shout louder than the others; a superficial and regressive culture, which fosters and legitimates hate and violence, racism and xenophobia.



The “fertile void” catches the sense of the process where everything transforms: a composition where the individual can experience himself as an evolving tessera of a biological natural mosaic. Far from representing the place of passiveness or isolation, we imagine it as an effective dialogue among the parties, where the language of body and that of discourse convert into life choices and new actions.



*Fritz Perls, Ego, Hunger and Aggression: the Beginning of Gestalt Therapy (1947).


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